Best Soccer Blogs 2007: Vote Now

Pitch Invasion is honoured to have been nominated for ‘Best Design’ in the Soccerlens blog awards. If you feel we’re worthy, stop by and drop us a vote, and don’t forget we’re based in Chicago, so vote early, vote often.

We’re not nominated for any other categories — feel free to write us in if you want, but I’ve always suspected our appeal is merely skin deep — but many of our favourite blogs are, so there are plenty of great selections to be made.

I’m particularly pleased to see that several Pitch Invasion contributers are nominated for their own blogs, including Brian’s Run of Play (Best EPL Blog, Best Blog You’ve Never Heard Of (!)), Jennifer’s From A Left Wing (Best Womens’ Football Blog of 2007), Ian’s Two Hundred Percent (Best Blogger, Best Blog You’ve Never Heard Of), and Laurie from The Offside (Best Overall Blog, Best Blogger, Best Design, Best Blog Community)

We’re also big fans and friends of several others nominated, including Some People Are On The Pitch (Best Overall Blog, Best Blog Name), Throughball (Best MLS), Reuters Soccer Blog (Best Mainstream Blog), The Global Game (Best Design, Best Football Podcast), This Is American Soccer (Best Design, MLS), EPL Talk (Best Football Podcast, Best EPL Blog) and MLS Underground (Best MLS). And I’m sure I missed listing one or two we’re also keen on, for which I apologise.

It’s a shame some great blogs haven’t been nominated (see the links page to find others we like), but you can always write them in too. There isn’t much monetary reward in blogging, so some fun awards seem to me like a nice way to remind people their free time isn’t being entirely wasted writing about soccer, so if you enjoy reading soccer blogs, take a minute to vote.

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