Liverpool fans protest: “Thanks But No Yanks”

As we discussed earlier today, it was a clash of contrasting American ownerships at Anfield tonight: whilst Randy Lerner’s Villa added to Liverpool’s woes on the field by earning a 2-2 draw, off the field, protest chants against owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett could be heard throughout the game. The Setanta Sports reporter even shockingly intimated some of the chants may have questioned the owners’ “integrity” and “parentage”.

The Fanhouse, on the ball as ever, has already got a photo gallery of the protests up, so head over there to see them all (one reads “U messed up Vietnam, u messed up Iraq! Don’t mess with Scousers”).

Liverpool fans’ protest American owners

Again, we mentioned before why we think some American owners do better than others with the fans, but whether they’ll leave soon continues to depend on events out of their control, including the global credit crunch and how deep into their pockets prospective owners Dubai International Capital want to dig.