Man Utd Boss Labelled Judas

David Gill, the Manchester United Chief Executive, came home tonight to find the outside walls of his mansion daubed with slogans including “Judas Gill”, “LUHG” (Love United Hate Glazer) and “Glazer Out”.

Glazer Out, David Gill

Pretty obviously, this is related to the ongoing dispute between a faction of United supporters and the regime over issues including the club’s debt and rising ticket price burdens, as we’ve reported on again and again.

Graffiti around Manchester has long attacked the Glazer regime, but this is the first time Gill’s $1.5m property has been targeted. The Fight For United website explains the rationale for the graffiti:

In a gesture to show their disapproval of yet another episode in David Gill’s continuing display of contempt towards the legions of loyal Manchester United supporters, with his latest pro-Glazer “all is rosy in the United garden” nonsense, a group of fellow United fans paid a visit to the leafy lanes of Cheshire. Presumably, until now, this modern day Quisling would’ve felt nice and safe, far away from the high rise blocks, the council estates, and the tap-rooms of Greater Manchester hostelries, where the people he continues to betray, bemoan the death of what they have known, almost from birth, as their right to have the chance to support their beloved football team as they’ve done, father and son, for decade after decade, from the stands and terraces of Old Trafford.

Judas Gill

British newspapers, including The Guardian, are unsurprisingly reporting the graffiti in rather more negative tones.

Manchester United supporters have attacked the house of the chief executive, David Gill, in protest over his support for the club’s owner Malcolm Glazer. Anti-Glazer slogans were daubed in red paint on the outside of the property in Bowden, Cheshire, with one message reading “Judas Gill”.

Gill chose not to make any response to the attack, which occurred late on Thursday evening, but he is understood to be shaken and thankful that he and his family were all out at the time. Maurice Watkins, the club’s solicitor and former director, was targeted for a similar attack two years ago when it emerged that he had sold the Glazer family some of his shares in the club.

What do you think of this escalation in the ongoing fight between United supporters and the Glazer regime?

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