Non-League Football, a Primer: Part One

In collaboration with Bill Turianski from the brilliant website, today we present a basic primer on the English football pyramid as we continue the week’s non-league theme.

Some of you might be well versed in this already, but it will be useful for those perhaps hazy about the levels that fall below the Premier League and the Football League (The Championship, Leagues One & Two) and are thus known as “non-league” (they are called this because before 1992, there was just the 92 team Football League, thus making everyone outside it “non”).

Tomorrow, again thanks to Bill, we’ll have a superbly illustrated map of the top 32 non-league clubs by attendance. But for now, familiarise yourself with the pyramid outlined in Bill’s map below (click on the map for a full size version). Lewes, the team I watched on Saturday, are in the sixth level, incidentally.

English Football Pyramid

Visit for more wonderful maps exploring the world of sports.

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