The Curious Netherworld of American Indoor Soccer

Storm ChasersRecently, thanks to Chicago’s Windy City Wanderers F.C., I went to my first ever indoor soccer match. In America, indoor soccer has at times been big business, using aggression and scoring and showbiz to attract considerable crowds. It’s got a rich and long history, at times the only way to see some of the best soccer players in the country.

The current Major Indoor Soccer League is a national professional venture, and one of the nine teams is the Chicago Storm, who play in the suburbs. Over at Chicago Sports Weekly, I look at the experience of the game, consider the impressive surroundings, and wonder if they couldn’t do away with the dry ice and let the game’s beauty shine instead.

All in all, it was a fun experience, but I’d rather see more focus on the style of the soccer than of the cheerleaders, bless ‘em. I’d be interested in any thoughts on the column and on what indoor soccer is like, wherever you are.

Photo credit: soumit on Flickr

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