A Look Back at 2007 and Forward to 2008

Christmas in the SnowThe festive period in British football is remarkably busy. Indeed, a full league programme was played on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day until the late 1950s.

Pitch Invasion is lazier over the holiday period (or rather less well paid), so I won’t be updating this site much until the new year. In the end of year spirit, we will have a reprise of some of the best photos we’ve featured over the year and there should be one or two other treats as well sprinkled randomly in.

But right now I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me out with this blog since it launched in mid-2007. That includes all the photographers who have contributed to the Pitch Invasion pool on Flickr (176 members, 1333 photos), all the commenters (with special thanks to ursus actos for his regular in-depth insight since day one), and particularly everyone who has written articles for the site.

In that spirit, here’s a taster or two from each person to have written for us in 2007. Many of them have their own blogs (listed after their names), all of which come heartily recommended.

And one last thing: if you could have one footballing wish granted in 2008, what would it be?

Have a great non-denominational holiday!

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