Sol Campbell: Abuse breaches our human rights

Rovers fans at Hartlepool.Do footballers have the same rights in the stadium that they have in the street? Sol Campbell argues so, as he told the BBC’s Today programme today:

If this happened on the street, you would be arrested. This is the 21st century and this is a human rights situation where sportsmen and managers are trying to do their job professionally and people are abusing them verbally. It has gone too far.

It’s not exactly clear what Campbell is suggesting should be done, when he says “another way” is needed to control fans. Laws, after all, do still apply to fans in the stadium, though arresting half of White Hart Lane when he next returns there would hardly be practical.

The bigger point is that the kind of vicious abuse Campbell receives for leaving Tottenham is culturally accepted by football fans — just as racism once was (not that this is the same at all, but changing this would be even harder).

What do you think? Where should the abuse line be drawn?

Image courtesy of i y e r s on Flickr.

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