FIFA, Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke: Bribery, Bullshit and Blackmail

I wrote about the dirty dealings behind the glitz of Fifa’s latest World Cup draw here the other day as well, but writing for print always makes me actually explain things properly.

So anyone interested in the suspect dealings going on at FIFA might want to read my latest column at the Chicago Sports Weekly on Sepp Blatter, Jérôme Valcke and the various nefarious goings on by the men who supposedly run world football for the benefit of, well, us.

Sepp Blatter

Thank goodness journalist Andrew Jennings is on this case, as most the world’s football journalists doze on, happy to focus on Blatter’s blathering about women’s shorts or Brazilian invasions instead of the size of his bonuses or how whether his own right-hand man is blackmailing him.

5 thoughts on “FIFA, Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke: Bribery, Bullshit and Blackmail

  1. Laurie

    okay, found it through your CSWeekly column. But others might appreciate the link.

    Nice job, btw. But it will take a LOT of squeaky wheels to create change. Call me cynical, but people are generally sheep.

  2. Thomas Dunmore

    Ah, thanks for spotting that Laurie. I’ve fixed the Jennings link.

    I quite agree, it’s hard to see things changing. Still, I think the first step is at least for people in the football media to investigate what’s actually going on. I can only think of a couple of journalists who actually do this, sadly, even though there’s a wealth of scandal to uncover (see the Premier League corruption arrests for another example).

    The money certain individuals pocket ultimately comes from somewhere — supporters’ pockets, usually.

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