Ultras Video — FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, Russia

FC ZenitMLS isn’t the only country crazy (or rather, cold) enough to conclude its championship in November. Last week, ФК Зенит Санкт-Петербург — or FC Zenit St Petersburg for the cyrillically challenged — won the Russian Premier League for the first time (they were victorious once in the Soviet championship, too, in 1984). Having the financial might of Gazprom and the smarts of Dutch coach Dick Advocaat behind them helped them pip Spartak Moscow on the final day of the season last weekend.

Excitement overflowed in St Petersburg as a result, with, according to the Guardian, 50 arrests made by riot police after the game was beamed to fans at FC Zenit’s Petrovsky Stadium. But who can blame them, as the first non-Moscow based winners for twelve years in Russia?

So what are their supporters like? The video below suggests they’re not exactly the prawn sandwich types. As always on these compilations, mute the video and enjoy the visuals.

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