Ultras in Britain, Aldershot Town FC’s Red Blue Army

[singlepic=12,260,195,right]Despite being the birthplace of organised football, ultras culture, so popular elsewhere at various times, has barely registered as a style of support at British clubs.

But some are trying to grow the culture in Britain, such as Aldershot Town’s Red Blue Army. Aldershot Town F.C. were formed in 1992 after the collapse of Aldershot F.C. They now play in the Blue Square Premier, the fifth tier of English football. I asked Daniel Rogers, a member of the ultras group, about their activities, and he also shared many photos after the jump.

Q. When did your group start and how many members have you had traditionally?

A. The group officially started in 2005 but we were together as a group of singing supporters for years before then, in the first two years we had about 60 members. However, not many of these were active, this year we have 30 members with nearly all of them active, in my opinion this is a better way to be.

Q. How well do you get on with the club and other supporters around the Stadium?

Unlike some groups we have never had any major concerns with the club. Occasionally we have been labelled hooligans but using the word ‘Ultra’ it is not a surprise. Supporters generally like what we do, we bring colour and noise to the grounds we visit and aim to be the 12th man of the team. However, some fans don’t like us but we don’t care.

Q. What’s your view on the development and future of Ultras culture in British football?

The ultra culture in Britain seemed to burst into action a few years ago, Red Ultras (Aberdeen) seemed to be the first onto the scene and are still setting the pace, however just like anywhere it is becoming harder and harder to support your team. With rules becoming stricter and Police handing out banning orders for the smallest of things it seems as if ultras are being pushed out. However we will not give up. This sort of thing just brings groups closer together and shows how dedicated we are.

Daniel also provided some photos of the group. Click on the images for larger versions.

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