Photo Daily | November 12 | Chicago Fire Megabandera

It’s the climax of the Major League Soccer season next Saturday, so this week we’ll be featuring MLS supporters all week on photo daily. We kick things off with my own Chicago Fire, and their giant megabandanera covering the Harlem End of Toyota Park.


Photo credit: Goldstone97 on Flickr, via the Pitch Invasion photo pool.

4 thoughts on “Photo Daily | November 12 | Chicago Fire Megabandera

  1. Matth

    I misread your comment as “their quiet megabandera” and I was first incensed that you would pooh pooh Section 8 as being quiet, and then confused that you would call the megabandera itself (which is just a giant piece of cloth, anyway) quiet. That’s when it hit me that I had misread something.

  2. Thomas Dunmore

    Hah. To be honest calling something with “mega” at the front of it “giant” is a bit unnecessary, so I’ll take the blame. I wonder what state it’s in now anyway, it seemed to be getting a bit grotty last time I saw it (when I took this photo).