That Was The Week That Was

It’s been a hectic week here at Pitch Invasion, as I attempted to distract myself from the surprising pressure cooker of MLS playoff action. No, really. Speaking of American soccer, we pissed off Kansas City Wizards fans, but made it up to them. We also suspect greater exposure for Ray Hudson would lead to more talk around American water coolers.

On the other side of the Atlantic, we considered two different aspects of club ownership: myfootballclub close in on a fan-funded purchase, but the rich owners list continues to get richer. Perhaps this is why Reading are funding their supporters’ travel expenses.

Our big post of the week considered the power struggle between the G-14 and Michel Platini over the Champions League, as we even managed to sneak a photo of Henry Kissinger into the blog.

But I know you all stop by just for the photos and videos. In photography, we looked at Japan all week: from the idiosyncratic Mr Pitch to the collective synchronisity of Urawa Reds. The latter were also featured in a fantastic video from the AFC Semi-Final, whilst Serbia’s less restrained fans also caught our eye on youtube.

We’ll have more for you over the weekend, but enjoy the football wherever you are, and if you haven’t introduced yourself and your favourite team in the comments, do join those that have. One day I’ll tally up and see which club is the best supported amongst Pitch Invasion readers, and it had better not be Arsenal, New England or Crystal Palace.