The Richest Men in British Football

The money going round in the Premier League is now so dizzying, it’s almost impossible to comprehend. In the 1980s and 1990s, when a very rich man such as Rupert Murdoch, Alan Sugar or Robert Maxwell decided they wanted to be involved in football, there was an almighty fuss. Each of them had vastly different agendas and results, but they were all under the microscope.

There’s still a fuss when an Usmanov or a Glazer bulldozes his way in. But what’s remarkable is how many billionares now buy into English football (and not even just in the Premiership) with few eyebrows even being raised any more. Take a look at the list of the richest after the jump.

Football Investors

Some of those names we are very familiar with; some seem obscure. I knew Tottenham’s Joe Lewis, a caterer who lives in the Bahamas, was very, very rich, but I didn’t know he was in Abramovich territory, for example.

All this investment is no wonder, of course, when even the Coca-Cola Championship and Carling Cup rights can be for over sold for $500 million. The exploding value of British football isn’t news, but it still manages to blow my mind from time to time.

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