Closing in on Purchase

Remember those crazy chaps at, who were going to band together for 35 quid each to buy an English football club? It looks like they’re about to pull it off, as they’re in due diligence for the purchase of an as yet unnamed club, as their site explains:

Over 53,000 signed up to phase one. A unique Trust with online voting has been registered with the FSA. The forum has amassed 80,000 posts. Over £700,000 has been collected from members in 70 countries. Nine football clubs have come forward, and we’ve sounded out several others.After many meetings and much travel, we have finally narrowed it down to one. We believe that this football club offers MyFootballClub members the best chance of success.

We’ve agreed terms in principle for the purchase of the football club, and the due diligence process has started. We are doing all we can to ensure an agreement is signed ahead of the January transfer window. And all the indications are that this process will move quickly.

By my math, that means 20,000 fans have invested in this (unless some invested more than the minimum, if that’s possible). £700,000 isn’t going to buy them Manchester United, but the smaller they start the better, to be honest. Smartly, on their site they’re urging members to consider the public relations aspect of the deal.

Every MyFC member will have a PR job to do. Clearly there are ways to go about it. For example, turning up to their ground in your MyFC top might not be the best move. Nor will 1000 messages from MyFC members on their website’s forum go down too well. Less PR offensive, more PR inoffensive will be the key.

To help us with this, I’m confident that the many members we have who write for newspapers, magazines and websites will be wearing their MyFootballClub hats and give our story a fair hearing.

The new owners and the current fans are obviously going to have a novel and tense situation to deal with. Are any of our readers on the “inside” of this venture? If so, what’s the story?

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