Who Should Host the 2018 World Cup?

With 2014 now in the bag for Brazil (fingers crossed, anyway), thoughts turn to 2018. With FIFA removing the system of rotating the World Cup around the confederations, the next contest will be far more fierce than the procession for 2014. Only countries from Africa and South America (as the last two host continents) will be ineligible.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss each of the likely bidders to host 2018 in depth. Those are Australia, the Benelux countries, England, Greece, Mexico, Russia and the United States. Who can match the success of Germany 2006?
WM 2006 - Deutsche Fans in Berlin

In the meantime, though, head over to Some People Are On The Pitch, where there’s an excellent overview of the stadia in each possible host country. And why not kick off the discussion by commenting below on who you think will or should get the World Cup? I’ll use any interesting thoughts in the upcoming posts.

Photo by TEDizen on Flickr.

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