Who is the Richest of Them All? David Beckham, of course.

It’s a funny old world when the sports league that probably gets laughed at and dismissed both in its own country and abroad more than any other also employs the world’s biggest earner on any sports team, anywhere.

Forbes’ “World’s Top Earning Athletes” lists MLS’ own David Beckham at sixth place ($33 million), below only individual sports team stars such as Tiger Woods (#1). Ronaldinho is the next footballer, at number nine (it’s possible Major League Baseball’s Alex Rodriguez will pass Beckham next year, if his agent Scott Boras has his way).

Of course, the next best paid player in MLS, the Fire’s Blanco, is a long way from making this list: though his actual salary isn’t that much lower than Beckham’s, the latter obviously has some beat by some distance in endorsements, which is where most of his money comes from. Blanco might be Mexico’s most famous sportsman, and his wife might actually be hotter than Beckham’s (I’ve seen her at Fire practice — she sure has the spindly Posh beat), but he’s not likely to be seen hanging out with Tom Cruise any time soon. Still, at least he’s playing in the MLS playoffs.

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