Steve Nash to buy into the Spurs?

And by “the Spurs”, I’m not referring to the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, and I’m well aware Tottenham Hotspur are “Spurs”, not “the Spurs”, as Americans unfamiliar with soccer sometimes wrongly presume (paging Bill Simmons).

Anyway. For those who don’t follow the NBA, Steve Nash is a very good basketball player (has been the NBA Most Valuable Player), a particularly articulate and cosmopolitan fellow, and perhaps the most soccer-esque player in the league: his visionary passing almost shames Ronaldinho. Indeed, there’s little doubt he could have played international soccer himself. OK, only for Canada, but still. His brother, Martin Nash, has played 33 times for their country. His father was born in London, a lifelong Spurs fan. Hence his interest in Tottenham.

Nash is apparently chums with Spurs supremo Daniel Levy, and their dreadful sporting director Damien Comolli. According to Fox Soccer, he’s interested in investing in Tottenham.

I would love to own Spurs, but I don’t have a spare £300million in my back pocket, so it’s not going to happen,” Nash told the New York Times.

I am a lifelong fan of the club and it’s obviously extremely profitable and well run.

When my career is over I would love to think there might be the chance of being involved with the club in some capacity.

I have a lot of experience in many aspects of professional sport, so who knows? I would be excited and proud if that could ever happen.

Alright, so it’s really just a stock answer with no substance, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see him buy a small chunk some day — there’s no way he could ever “own” Spurs himself. The NBA doesn’t pay that well. Whilst Nash’ interest would spur (sorry) a little interest in soccer amongst basketball-heads in the U.S., it would probably be a better sign of soccer’s health here in North America if Nash invested in an MLS team as well or instead.

And I must admit discussing this was little more than an excuse to post the following video of Nash heading the ball to Amare Stoudamire in the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest.

EDIT: Thanks to Mark in the comments for noting the following video is even better.

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