Leeds and Millwall Fans Share Tea and Biscuits

Leeds. Millwall. Trouble. Surprising? Not really, is it? Still, the only published report I can find about it from this weekend’s visit of Millwall to Leeds’ Elland Road ground seems desperate to sensationalise events.

Trouble flared at about 2.15pm on Saturday as three busloads of away fans pulled up near the Billy Bremner statue outside Elland Road.

Millwall hooligans on board the double deckers smashed windows and kicked open doors in a bid to goad hundreds of watching Leeds fans into a confrontation.

Windows and doors on the buses were put through by yobs on board as they tried to goad watching Leeds fans into confrontation. Mounted police responded by charging at some of the United followers, forcing them away from the buses.

As these pictures from the Yorkshire Evening News show, it seems it was the buses that took the brunt of it all.

Officers formed a cordon across Elland Road to keep home supporters at bay while travelling fans were taken into the ground. One onlooker said: “Some of the Millwall lads on the buses looked like wild animals. They were leaning right out of the top decks with their arms outstretched, screaming abuse. Their faces were contorted with hate. The Leeds supporters were no angels either, though. A lot of them were obviously waiting there for Millwall to arrive.”

Charming, aren’t they?

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