Commish: Best year for MLS

Folks, I already listed some reading material for you earlier today, but I did want to quickly point to something else American soccer fans should take a look at — Sports Illustrated asks MLS Commissioner Don Garber many of the questions we’ve discussed ourselves here lately, about expansion, single table, designated players and so on. And overall, he’s obviously chuffed with the year so far.

Is this the most successful year MLS has had since the inaugural season of 1996?
– Bruce Jagarosovich, Los Angeles

This is arguably the best year MLS has ever seen. The inaugural season was so much about buzz. This one is about very strong fundamentals. Our quality of players is perhaps as high as it’s ever been, and a number of our developmental players have become terrific players — Jozy Altidore is probably the best example of that.

Expansion continues to go strong. When you look at San Diego, Portland, Vancouver, Montreal, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Miami and a second team in New York, just to name a few, there are more serious prospects for expansion than we have available teams. Our ownership group is as strong as it’s ever been and soccer-specific stadium development is going extremely well. Sponsorship is at an all-time high and we went past the 3 million mark in attendance for first time in league history. It’s an exciting time for MLS.

The whole interview is worth a read, and if you have any thoughts on the Commish’ views yourself, drop them here.

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