The Jak

In recent weeks, we’ve featured several remarkable photos of Indonesian football supporters: as ursus actos noted in the comments, the passion displayed is both remarkable and surprising.

Also in the comments were links from Yusuf, a filmmaker who features Indonesian football culture. The following clips from youtube offer inticing teasers of his work.

The Jak:

The Conductors (stick with it):

3 thoughts on “The Jak

  1. andibachtiar yusuf

    The Jak, the Jakarta’s football supporters documentary has been banned from Bandung today (24 October 2007). Bandung is the biggest rival for the Jakartans, hardcore enemy, so they came to the cinema and threat them with knives etc just to make sure that the cinema network won’t show the film in Bandung

  2. ursus arctos

    Yusuf, make sure that your agent knows that story and gets some clippings. It will without question make the film more saleable outside of Indonesia.

    I continue to be extremely interested in all of this, in large part because the Jak supporters seem to be in the process of creating a fairly unique amalgam of styles of support found elsewhere, without having appropriated any of them wholesale. Scarves from England, tifos and capi from Italy, elements of Japanese/Korean mass cheers, but all the instrumentation seems identifiably Indonesian, as do their tunes.