The Ugliest Shirt of All Time?

Our blogging compadre 200percent recently ran down six of his favourite kits of all time. I have to say, though, I rarely remember kits/jerseys I like; but I don’t forget the ones I hate, particularly when my team is wearing them.

My team Brighton and Hove Albion’s 1990/91 away kit was, I would argue, one of the worst of all time, of any team, ever, anywhere. Why? Well, for one, it was phenomenally ugly. It wasn’t just unattractive; rather, it was repulsive. This is the best image of it I can find, but a dry mock-up hardly does justice to how atrocious it looked on middle-aged, paunchy men.

Secondly, Brighton fans get regularly ribbed by opposing fans as “gay” because Brighton is known to be a gay-friendly city. Now, I’m not suggesting such childish and homophobic abuse should be allowed to influence our choice of colours. To be honest, I’ve never paid much mind to opposing fans’ abuse. But one wonders if, when the Albion’s marketing team received the designs for the new kit, they looked at the pink, wavy design and thought: the fans will love this, won’t they?

The Groundhopper recently reminisced on stepping out to an Albion game at Wembley with his brother wearing the kit in question.

For someone who’s a bit self-conscious when it comes to clothing he couldn’t have gone for a more conspicuous and garish item – our away kit 1990-91. This was a kit that was voted worst kit of the year; it was also mentioned recently in an article about the worst kits of all time! It consisted of thin wavy red stripes that swirled all over the top, back and front, but seen at a distance of more than about 10 feet looked just plain pink. Descriptions can’t really convey its repulsiveness and its pink hue did nothing to dispel the myth that all Brighton men are gay. So off we went on the train, my ordinarily conservatively dressed brother in his lurid pink gay top-5-worst-kit-of-all-time shirt and me in my relatively normal looking Tesco carrier bag home shirt.

What kits have you found particularly repulsive? Has there ever been anything worse than Brighton’s wavy pink design?

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