Ultras video – Focus on the Bad Blue Boys

The Bad Blue Boys of the Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb are rather infamous in European ultras circles, and will be the subject of several posts on pitchinvasion.net in the coming weeks. After all, how many supporter groups can claim to have been part of the start of a war? For the Bad Blue Boys were involved in a riot between Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade in 1990 that is seen by some as the kick-off point for the war in Croatia, an amazing historical episode that we’ll cover in more depth later.

But let’s start with something less extreme from the Bad Blue Boys – below is a video of a remarkable piece of choreographed pyrotechnics showing their support for Dinamo in flares. Note that they’re somehow able to use an entire stand to do this during an ongoing game. Either no-one else attends their games, or they have some serious sway with the authorities.

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