Ultras video – Irriducibili

Lazio’s ultras, Irriducibili (Unmovables), are known for their extreme right-wing views and the imprisonment of their leaders last year. This was the culmination of serious failures by the club to deal with the disturbing behaviour of their hardcore fans. As Rob Hughes explained as far back as 2001:

The ultra-extremists of Lazio, calling themselves the Irriducibili (Unmovables), unfurled a banner that read “Auschwitz, your country — ovens your home” at the 1998 Roman derby match against Roma. When Lazio was fined $2,250 last season after the Irriducibili, harangued Bruno N’Gotty, a black defender who plays for Venezia, Dino Zoff, who was then assistant to Lazio’s club president, said: “I don’t know whether you could really call that racism. It’s more a question of people making fun. Fans pick on someone tall, short, gray-haired.”

Here they are in action, with obligatory bombastic music.